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Related article: Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 01:26:31 +0000 From: ryan b Subject: Changes in Life - 3Disclaimer, if you don't like the whole M/M scene, then LEAVE! All the 18 and up stuff. All Characters in this Story, ideas and themes belong to me, (unless otherwise stated.)Other then that enjoy!!************************************************************************This also, it is my first bikini tits model story series that I have written so far so please excuse any errors I may make in the formatting etc. All comments and advice are welcome, and can amiture nude models be emailed to me with the subject line reading; "review" Thanks and enjoy the story. Just wrote this when I got pic sandrateenmodel home from school so I hope you like it!************************************************************************ Troy broke the kiss with Skye, "What do you want?" he asked looking at the two armed scientists now in the door way."We're here for you two," one man grunted, "Now let's go."The group divided into groups two taking Troy and two took Skye; they placed their wrists inside of what looked like two force fields, connected with a chain of light."What are these for?" Skye demanded, "Were cooperating aren't we?" "This is just a safety precaution, they weaken your alena model pics muscles strength and this," the man indicated to a black and white collar, which was placed around their necks, "Stops your arms and legs from listening to your mind commands."Troy and Skye were lead out of their cell and were dragged down a corridor, and into what looked like a control room. There were computers everywhere and other machines connected to virtual displays all around the room."This is the control room." Joey walked back up."What do you want?" Skye snapped.Joey walked up to Skye's side, "This form suites you," Joey spoke tsunami model victim softly; so that only Troy and Skye could hear."It's just so hot!" Joey commented running his human hands across Skye's back and dorsal fin."Leave him alone." Troy shouted, topless model thumbnails fighting the inhibitors on him."Oh, I'm sorry Troy, its not you it's me, I like Orca's," Joey teased, "And, from what I've just seen on the cameras from your cell, so do you.""You were watching us?!?" Skye snapped."Of course, at first I couldn't believe my eyes; Skye and Troy, one of the two most popular boys in my class, gay." Joey grimaced."Shut up!" Troy snapped."Oh don't worry Troy, I won't tell anybody. Besides, I am too; he slid his fingers down Troy's chest until his finger was at the opening to his slit."Don't touch me," Troy spat on Joey."Oh, disobedience... well we'll just have to fix that now won't we." Joey laughed."You two," Joey pointed to two scientists, "Take Troy here over to that chair wired up to my computer, then, leave us."The two men holding Skye let go of him; the neuro-inhibitors still making his legs numb and useless, causing him to fall forwards onto his knees; they then grabbed onto Troy and dragged him to the chair specified. From there he was strapped in and his other bindings removed.Joey then walked over to him and sat in the chair to his left. "Bring Skye over here," he gestured to the orca, I want him to see this."The four men then dragged Skye over to where dakotasouth model Joey sandrateenmodel topless and Troy were seated, and let him slump back down to his knees, in front of Troy.The scientists then left the room, leaving the three of them alone."So," Joey motioned towards them both, "Are we ready?""Ready for what," Skye asked. "Are we ready for what, you to finally shut up?""Oh, smart mouths are we?" Joey taunted, well then jacqueline model let's how Troy fairs after this then you can decide if you want to take that back." Joey mocked as he typed in a password on his computer; turning it on and opening up a program, which monitored all of Troy's vital signs.Joey then thrust his arms downwards and the same courtney goldberg model wave of water looking liquid passed over him, as he transformed into his raptor form. "You can't really impress us now, were anthros too now." Skye spat. "I don't have to impress you, I'm just a lot stronger in this form; he drew a whip from the side of the chair Troy was strapped to. It was long and black, but had a metallic property to it, the end was an electrode that was constantly arcing and a small wave of heat emanated from it. "So Troy where were we?" Joey teased as he drew the whip back. "I was telling you to fuck-off." Troy spat, "Nothing you do to me is ever going to make me obey you." "We'll just see about that." Joey grinned, as he swung his arm forwards, bringing the whip forwards in a streak of heat as hit slapped against Troy's chest. Troy let out a roar of pain as the whip penetrated one of his scales. "Oh, I see that we like that feeling huh?" Joey laughed; he swung the whip four more times with similar results. "Stop that, you know it's hurting him." Skye shouted, still inhibited. "Yeah, I do know it hurts, I designed this whip so that it can penetrate anything, including the toughened scales Troy's sporting here." Joey smiled, "Besides, how do you think I've demanded the loyalty of al my other anthros here? Joey laughed again. "There are other anthros here?" Skye inquired. "Of course, there are many others like you out there, you just have to know where to look, their working for me and gathering more boys; between 13 and 15 to be 'converted'." Joey explained. "Then why do hot petite models you want so many of us, and 12 yo models for that matter, why all boys?" Troy winced, as the whip slapped across his chest again, drawing blood this time. "You know why, it's because I'm gay, I don't want any girl anthros here, they would just be a distraction to the other boys." Joey grinned, slapping the whip across Troy again. "Stop hitting him." Skye yelled, fighting the inhibitors that bound him, actually starting to little porn models win. The bindings began to lose their effect as the feeling returned samdra model to Skye's arms and legs. Skye managed to stand up before Joey noticed that he was behind him. Skye focused as much as he could; before swinging his right hand and punching Joey in the back of the head. The force actually knocked him out, Joey fell to the ground out cold; but not before the whip made contact with Troy again, and without being pulled out was stuck in his chest scales, the arc still firing electricity into Troy's chest. Troy screamed, louder then he could ever remember as a child, the pain was far worse then when he was transformed and worse then anything he could remember feeling before. Skye, still overpowering the inhibitors limped over to him, pulling the whip out of Troy's chest, before falling over once more. The machine Troy was hooked up to however, beeped loudly for no nude modeling one second before a message appeared on the screen, "System malfunction, releasing grips." The bindings that held Troy gave way and he managed to stand up dripping blood from the wounds on his chest he managed to lean over the computer beside Joey's control chair. Finally finding the right button he slapped the palm of his hand down on it. The result was a loud popping sound as the bindings on Troy turned off and detached from his body; including the inhibitor around his neck. Skye managed to stand up just in time to catch Troy, who fell backwards; the oregon teen models bleeding from his wounds becoming worse. "Troy, don't worry its going to be ok," Skye reassured as he lowed Troy to the ground, he placed a towel that was on Joey chair under his feet, elevating them slightly. "Thanks," was all that Troy could mumble before he fell silent. "Troy, stay with me!" Skye demanded. Troy snapped back into focus and began to apply pressure to his wounds. "That's right, hold the pressure on those wounds while I got get some stuff to bandage you up with." Skye instructed I won't be long, there's a first-aid box on the all over there." Skye pointed to a big yellow box hanging from the wall a few feet to their right, marked 'First-Aid'." Troy nodded and held the pressure to the wounds on his chest. Skye walked over to the box and ripped it off the wall, before returning to Troy's side. Skye flipped open the box; surprised at some of the tings he had never seen before. There were countless cylinders and bandages that looked nothing like anything that was shown to him on his work's first-aid training. One caught his eye; a cylinder, that was marked 'for impaling wounds ', Skye read it aloud, "Place nozzle at the entrance to the wound track, then press the button on top of can and hold for 3 seconds." "Sounds easy enough," Troy joked, moving the hand coving the deepest wound. "Ok here goes nothing," Skye exclaimed, pushing the nozzle into the wound on Troy's chest; causing Troy to let out a loud groan as the pain returned. The nozzle in place, Skye squeezed the button on the cylinders top, a loud hissing noise resulted and when 3 seconds had passed he removed the nozzle and looked.He couldn't believe what fetish model portfolios was happening, the Bio-foam that had entered the gash on Troy's chest, started to steam, causing Troy more pain; but then hardened into a scale, the same as the others on Troy's body."That's amazing, the foam just transformed, it melted right into your body healing it completely." Skye laughed."Yeah it is but could you fill the rest of my holes?" Troy smirked."Oh, I'll fill all your holes all right, maybe not with the foam... but first let's fix the ones caused by the whip." Skye smiled.The foam canister dropped to the ground as Skye bent over Troy and kissed him, a few seconds later, he stood up; helping his friend to his feet."We should look around and see what there is here, but then let's get out of here Skye!" Troy patted him on the chest."Ok, you take little porn models that side of the lab," Skye motioned to the machined side; "and I'll take the side with the monitors.""Right," Troy replied, walking up to the florence model nude door on the way by and pressing the glowing lock button on it side. He door hissed courtney goldberg model for a few moments but then locked with a satisfying click.Troy took the side of the room that he had been assigned looking across one display on the machines to another until he came across a lap top. "Look at this," Troy motioned to the laptop, "I'm going to go through the files on here and look for some information." "Sounds good," Skye replied, tapping some keys on the closest monitor. As Troy was looking through the files, hacking the computer, his natural talent, Skye pressed a few more buttons on the virtual display that had risen off of the screen. "You know, Joey seems to be a little too smart for his own good!" Troy grunted as he cracked, yet another password and disabled an auto-purge trap that had been set to erase the computer if anyone entered the wrong password. "Yeah well he isn't exactly the youngest of us now is he?" Skye gasped. "What do you mean?" Troy looked over at him. "I just found this program; it searches anybody, even if you don't have a criminal record." Skye explained. "One of the people at the very beginning of the list was Joey." Skye continued. "So what's so shocking about that, besides the freaky stalker that he was." Troy laughed. "It's what I found photos nude models on here." Skye began again, "Joeys not 15 like us." "What do you mean, he's celebrated his birthday last month; he turned 16." Troy replied. "He's not even 16 Troy, he is 38!" Skye gagged reading further. "Seriously," Troy choked as he walked over to see what Skye had found. "Not only that, he's got a criminal record," Skye explained, "Including having sex with a minor, child abuse, and child molestation!" Skye choked. "That's the other reason that he chooses kids in our age group that must be the age he likes!" Troy gagged. "So how does he keep looking as young as he does?" Skye asked. "I think I can answer that," Troy cut in, "I found his diary of sorts on his computer, apparently he's used the transformation process to keep the people transformed permanently the age that they were or younger when changed." "It gets worse," Skye interrupted, it says here under our names, that the genes actually made our bodies younger; he changed our bodies' cells and their actual age to that of a 13 year old." "That bastard, I was only 2 escorts y modelos months off of getting my license, and now I can't get foto gay modelos one ever!!" Troy hit he ground. "Uh Troy... I think that's the least of our problems, we still don't know how to change back into our human bodies." Skye cut in. "That's true I mean I..." "Wait, why did you stop Troy?" Skye asked. "It's what I just found, its titled, transformations." Troy replied. "Then open it, as much as I like our new bodies, I want my old one too." Skye replied. Skye walked over to Troy and read over his shoulder the text that scrolled across the screen. "That's it..." Troy paused, "It's so simple. "Once you've actually transformed, going back is easy you just have to think about your old body, and you can change between them at will." Skye read the screen. "Ok then, let's try it." Troy replied. Skye went first; he thought about his old body and how it looked, and simply thought, "I want to be in my old body again." A white-ish black ring nude stripper models of light appeared at the ends of his hands and feet and worked their way back up his body in a second, all joining at his chest, when they met, a bright flash quickly came and passed and there was Skye, in his original body... a human.Skye looked down at his body: his fingers, feet, chest and flaccid cock, "I'm back," Skye laughed, "Wow, you look, amazing Skye." Troy replied, walking up to him, he had no problem saying that and Skye understood why. "It feels so good to be back in my own 13y old models body, but I kind of miss the orca's skin and looks!" Skye replied. "Well," Troy leaned little model pedo closer running the underside of his hand across Skye's human dick, "I could get used to being this much bigger." Skye laughed, I'm sure you could, and besides I never said I wouldn't let you have some fun now and then;" he ran his smaller hands across the slit of Troy's Groin. "Sorry, Troy, but we don't have time for this, we have to go." Skye pushed Troy back."I know, I'll switch back," he replied.Troy closed his eyes and though about him being looking like his normal body again. The sky blue rings appeared, as models yuong xxx florence model nude they had for Skye, and met in the sandra model nn middle of his chest. Troy appeared out of the sky blue light, tall, slim, a lot more muscular then he had before he was transformed, and naked, like Skye."Ok, now according to this you can change the way you switch between forms, when you want to but let's not waste any more time, we have to get out of here." Skye said looking at the notes on the laptop."Wait, I just remembered, I saw something in the display over there before we found the transformation files." Skye ran over to the console."What is it?" Troy replied, grabbing a bag off of the wall."It's a list," Skye began to read it, "A list of other boys Joey's got here, we aren't the only ones!" Skye pressed another button.The monitors all across the walls switched into a live feed from different holding cells, some containing one boy to some containing four. Each boy either looked terrified of being shackled to the walls, or we're shacking of fear in a curled up position."We have to help get them out of here, and then get out of here ourselves." Troy replied, "I don't want Joey here 13y old models getting any ideas.""Hey, score!" Troy shouted."What?" Skye asked."It turns out that Joey really had our clothes sent here from home!" Troy showed Skye the bags on the walls, and the one marked Skye."Nice," Skye walked over and took the bag.Troy opened his bag as well and put on the boxers that were inside.Skye looked up at him as he drew his own boxers up; "You know those boxers really make you look hot!" he smiled. "Was thinking the same thing 'bout yours" Troy smiled as he pulled his pj's on and a T-shirt that showed a person with a paintball gun bunkering some kid, on the back, the front had in big black letters, "My balls, your face!""Like what that shirt says!" Skye laughed.Skye pulled on his plain black with blue striped pj's and put on a blue shirt with the Dye, paintball logo on it."Ok, now that were actually wearing something, let's find out how growth models to get to those boys." Troy walked over to florence model nude a display of the building,"Well that will make it easier!" Skye said walking over to the display Troy was at, "It's a map.""Troy punches in a few keys off the virtual keyboard, and a map of the building came up."There is topless model thumbnails some gear here we can use, mapping, GPS's and some weapons we can use on the guards," Skye pointed to the cache on the wall beside tsunami model victim them.The two of them gather the gear strapped the wrist display and chest harness with weapons and other gear on it."This way," Skye read off the map, pressing the open button of the wall beside the door.They took off down the hallway."It's a left here," Troy said coming to a fork in the corridors, they continued along the left path."Now a election models right," Skye said, pointing to a tunnel with a sign over it that read, 'Containment.'They followed the corridors and kept walking until they were in a wide room; each corner of the room was a separate containment unit."Stop them!" a man yelled,"Well so much for our element of surprise," Troy groaned, "Ok, photos nude models these weapons shoot out a bean of energy that will stun; two blasts will cause them to lose consciousness." He explained.The men in the room began to rush them; "Shoot them!" Troy shouted pulling the two short guns from their holsters; the scientists drew their own side arms. They opened fire; pink, blue and orange beams of plasma and energy raced through the air; several breaking into growth models smaller shots as they went. Troy opened fire at them as well, stepping behind a concrete pillar twice as thick as he was, even in his dragon form. Skye, ducked as a few of the slower beams bounced off metal surfaces and through some of the once fancy art on the walls. "Those beams really seem to be samdra model going slow, why aren't ours that way?" Skye asked. "It was in the notes I read on transformations; Joey built in a genetic code to increase all of our reflexes and our sensory systems, he tried to make us his own personal army." Troy explained. "Even when were in our human forms we still have these enhancements, like the way we kept the body tone, and permanently the age of a 13 year-old." Troy finished, shooting a few more shots out of his rifle, hitting a scientist square in the chest; causing him to buckle under his own weight and hit his head on the ground as he landed.A scientist rounded the corner on Troy's blind side and raised a knife, as he swung downwards on Troy's back an orange beam photos nude models broke through his glasses on his eyes and went clean through his head."Thanks," Troy shouted across the room to Skye, who nodded and disappeared into the shadows.Skye knew that Troy was aware of his plan; Troy would distract the men, while Skye walked around them and shot them from behind, but he knew he'd only get a few rounds off before they turned around and shot back at him. That's where Troy came back in again, and would shoot their backs as they engaged Skye from their front.Skye followed through with his plan, sneaking around to their backs; he leveled his two guns at two of the scientist's heads and thought to himself, "Just like in Halo," and fired.The two beams of orange plasma raced out of the barrels of the long barreled side arms and passed clean through their target's heads.As expected the men began to turn around and fire on him as well, now noticing the change in location.Troy slide out from his cover and shot four rounds of blue plasma at them, each round piercing the back of its targets.At this exotic child models point Skye ran up to the two men who exotic child models were left, dodging the plasma they fired. He ran in close and drew the small plasma blade from his vest; slamming it cleans into the heart of the second last man. However the other man moved quicker then Skye had anticipated, he easily dodged the blade and pulled a small side arm out of its holster; and leveled the barrel at Skye's head. He began to pull the trigger when he suddenly went limp, and folded over. Skye looked up, and saw Troy standing there; a small sniper rifle in his grasp. "Thanks," Skye finished re-holstering the guns and sheathing the blade. "Just like in Halo," Troy laughed as he walked with Skye towards the first containment room. "Ok let's open this room up." Skye suggested as he walked over to the virtual key pad on the display next to a red rectangle on the white sphere."Ok, all you have to do is press these numbers into the console." Troy explained,"Right, what are they?" Skye asked placing his hand over the numbers half of the display."The numbers are 34, 47, 63, and 74." Troy directed. Skye laid his fingers down on each display one by one until the last number was in. The red rectangle seemed to melt away, creating an opening. "So that's how they did it." Skye realized. Skye walked into the room followed by Troy. Inside the room, there were four boys, all naked and laying on their backs, unconscious. "What's wrong with them?" Troy looked to Skye. "They're unconscious; as I'm sure you can tell." Skye snapped back. "I gathered that." Troy returned the favor. Skye walked over to one and sat down beside him, alena model pics and gathered his bearings. "This boys' breathing, he had a pulse; there shouldn't be anything wrong with him." Skye said as he rested his hand on the boy's chest, to check the depth of the breaths. The boy's eyes opened abruptly, like he was waking up; in fact all of the boys woke up. They already knew where they were, but were confused as to why there were two new boys in their cell and why they got to have clothes on. "Hey, who are you two?" One boy asked. "Yeah, I haven't seen you here before!" Another snapped. "Guys relax, were going to get you out of here, their leader is knocked out." Skye reassured. "They sandrateenmodel topless were unconscious for a reason Skye!" Troy clued in. "What do you mean?" Skye turned to face Troy. "They've been too the transformation room, they have the genes in them already." He glanced down at the four of them. "So were too late to stop it." Skye questioned. "Yeah, once their in, they stay there and judging by how long it took us..." Troy started. "They don't have too long." Skye exhaled. "What do you mean; we've got other genes in us?" One boy with blonde hair and green eyes asked. "It means soon enough your going to be able to do this." Skye stood up and closed his eyes, he thought of his orca form. Skye was suddenly engulfed in a small blue flame and as it subsided, Skye's orca body emerged. "What the hell?!?" A few gasped, backing away. "Basically, Joey, the guy who's been running this operation, has changed your DNA, so that you can be in his army..." Skye started"Which by the way were not going to allow." Troy cut in."Anyways, it basically will change your body into a form like mine, but in our case our favorite animals." Skye gestured to Troy and himself."Ok, and how do we know that you two aren't he ones who are doing this?" A boy with brown young uncensored models hair and blue eyes asked.Skye changed back into his normal body; "Because if we were doing this, would we get you guys out of here." Skye sidled closer to the one with green eyes again, and grabbed hold of the ankle cuff he was in. Skye pulled out the plasma blade from its sheath; the boy model boys photos gulped nervously. "There's nothing to worry about, I'm not going to hurt you." Skye reassured, resting his hand on the other boy's chest. Skye moved the blade, almost professionally, before he lowered it down onto the ankle cuff, which seemed to part like a hot knife through butter. "After this, were going to take you with us, where we can help you guys." Troy gestured to them, cutting another boys ankle cuff. "Why though, hot petite models we don't even know you." A boy with jet black hair replied."Well judging on what I just read, because were all brother now." Troy replied.Skye choked, dropping the knife. "What do you mean?" He asked."Apparently from what I just read out of our files, he mixed some of the Alleles, the parts of our DNA that make us related, through family or whatever; and changed them to a completely different type, a type that only people out of what he refers to as 'test group NL- 21; which is just the six of us." "Ok, now that's just weird," Skye replied, cutting the last ankle band. "Well, that's not all he did," Troy continued, "He also changed our DNA so that were permanently 13." "What," The kid with jet black hair asked. "It's something he wanted, because he jacqueline model is a sick pervert!" Skye explained. "Right, ask questions later, I'm not sure how long he'll stay knocked out, Skye could only hit him so hard." Troy urged. "You were the one who knocked him out?" the boy with blonde hair green eyes asked."Yeah, but I was in my orca form and everything anyways let's got back to the control room, we have to get out of here." Skye started."What about the others?" Troy asked."Let's get these guys out of here before we get anymore responsibilities on our hands." Skye replied walking past him leading the boys."Yeah, I guess your right." Troy agreed, and set off down the hall, now leading the group.All of the boys kept up with troy except the one that Skye had first released."Why aren't you up there with your friends?" Skye asked."Well their not my friends, we only met in that cell." He replied."What your name?" He asked Skye."My name is Skye," he replied, "and yours?""Alex." He looked up to the slightly taller boy."Hey Skye," Alex turned to him."Yeah, what's up?" Skye replied."I really liked your Orca's body" he said, sliding under Skye's arm, "It was... cute." Alex blushed,"Thanks," Skye replied leaning closer.When they finally reached the control room something was different. Joey was no longer on the floor and there were guards running all around the outside of the building."He's gone!" Troy repeated as Skye walked up, giving him a slight look at his arm around Alex."Ok, then we have to go back for the other boys now." Skye suggested."We can't, Joey's blocked off the doors and covered them with about 20 guards each their coming closer to the control room now." Troy repeated looking at the flat touch screen laptop he was holding."We can't just leave them here." Skye shouted, "I'm going to fight through those guards and at least let them topless model thumbnails out of their bindings.The boys looked a lot more scared as they heard the news about the guards."I'll go with you Skye!" Alex turned to him."I'm sorry Skye, I can't let you two risk it, you guys will both die!" Troy typed a command into the screen of the laptop causing the door to the rest of the facility to lock."Troy let me out, now!" Skye little porn models yelled."No Skye we have to get these guys out of here!" Troy replied."Arrrgh!" Skye yelled walking over towards Troy, "Fine, but if they die... It'll be on you Troy, got me?" Skye hit Troy's shoulder."Ok guys we have to gather your clothes and some of this technology from here." Troy instructed.An armored SUV pulled into the lab through some garage doors, a trailer attached."Load the gear into this, Troy instructed as he started grabbing escorts y modelos some of the weapons from the cache and the med kits and loaded them into the back seat; as the kids began to get dressed.Skye helped as well though he was clearly not happy with Troy's decision.About an hour later..."Ok guys get in the car and we'll be out of here." Troy instructed taking the drivers' seat.The boys climbed in; inside the vehicle was a lot larger then it looked from the outside, there were about 10 seats in the back alone.Skye got into the far back as the boy with jet black hair climbed into the passengers' seat.The other kids got into the car, all taking front seats, except Alex, who took a seat on the bench seat beside Skye.Troy turned over the engine and drove out of the garage doors, just as Joey and a squad of guards stormed into the control room."Fire!" He commanded,Shots raced from the heavy-arms guns that the guards were carrying, they bounced off of the armored plates.Joey drew his own gun, a plasma gun with a large cloud of ready-to-fire plasma in its chamber, he fired.The bolt arced through the air, impacting on the rear half of the SUV. The amour began to melt as the heat burned away layers upon layers of titanium.Luckily, Troy managed to avoid the rest of the fire as he pulled out onto the gravel road leading away from the lab. "Ok, guys, it'll be a long drive from here so you can relax." Troy called back.Almost all the kids were asleep; except for Alex, Troy, Skye and the boy in the front seat, who fell asleep shortly there after.It was dark outside, probably due to all of the rain, which was atk premium models falling around them the sides of the road were like rivers.Alex leaned to the left, lying against Skye's chest.Skye just smiled, he liked the way Alex, made him feel when he was touching him.Troy was busy driving the SUV, and talking on the satellite phone upfront, the mood just seemed right, calm at last.Alex looked up at Skye from his place on his chest, "You don't mind me laying like this do you?" He smiled."Not at all," Skye smiled.Alex raised his head closer to Skye's face; Skye leaned in as well.Their lips met and they kissed; Alex's right hand on Skye's upper leg, his fingers resting on his groin, and his left hand behind, Skye's head, holding him close.Skye brought Alex's body closer, his right hand sliding across and then resting on Alex's covered cock and balls, his left hand supporting Alex's head.Lightning flashed above, lighting up the interior of the SUV, and the snap of thunder rolled across them but, Skye and Alex, stay in each other's embrace, their tongues meeting and exploring each other's mouths.************************************************************************Thanks for reading this chapter; don't worry I don't plan on it being the last...I hope that this was an appealing sequel to chapter 2, although there should have been more of a sex scene, but that's the way the cookie crumbles! (Oh and don't comment on my use of Oxymoron's, like; "A white-ish black" ring etc, I think it describes better then a "white ring with back in it," Look forward to you reviews and votes so please feel free to comment where you see fit, or e-mail me at the address above this story with the subject-line either, 'Idea' or 'Review'.Thanks again,
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